Recordings & Videos

The Retrospective 2019 Demo

This is a two-part demo recording designed to showcase most of NI3's original compositions using coherent mixes (whereas live show selections pick more of the more upbeat parts). It all was recorded by Seb, at home, in late 2019 and early 2020, with 100% free software.

Retrospective 2019 Part A

The Part A “mix” is forty-five minutes long. The video version uses the 1925 public domain film The Phantom of the Opera.

Retrospective 2019 Part B

Part B is a bit longer than Part A.The video uses the 1922 public domain film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror.

Extracts from The Mix of 2017-12-27

Ten minute extract of our whole hour-long “mix” recorded live on 2017-12-27, with visuals from the 1920 film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mixed with random videos of the live band.

The Elevator Pitch, v. 1.0

Very quick (1 minute 31 seconds) presentation of what the project is about, with extracts recorded live sometime in November 2017.