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NI3 Dance is an Electronic/Electric project in NYC.

Live musicians and electronic sounds.

A mix of compositions and a couple of covers; Drum'n'Bass, Funk, Dub, Zouk, and a few odd time-signatures.


Email: contact@ni3.dance (PGP: 2A69 38F7 8E54 3B09)

Mastodon: @ni3dance@mastodon.social.

Twitter: @ni3dance.

Instagram: @ni3dance.

Facebook: fb.me/NI3Dance.

Live Musicians


Seb: Composition, Programming, Guitar, Bass.


Gaby: Guitar.

Anthony: Guitar.


No Upcoming shows at the moment
2018-02-08: NI3 Dance at the Parkside Lounge. (Pictures)
2018-04-05: Dance party at Otto's Shrunken Head. (Pictures)
2018-05-18: Back to the Parkside Lounge, with guest @Alimonstar. (Pictures)
2018-07-19: Extended show in Brooklyn at the Pine Box Rock Shop.
2018-07-31: First time in Harlem at Shrine.

… see also all the pictures.

GIF show the band live

Recordings / Videos

A few videos:
📹 Retrospective 2019 Part A → Details, YouTube
📹 Retrospective 2019 Part B → Details, YouTube
GIF show the band live